Please contact me, Edward Taylor, Authorised Marriage Celebrant, to arrange a booking, or make an enquiry, as soon as you start your wedding plans - some dates are booked more than 12 months ahead of time.

At the initial interview, I will work with you to satisfy all the legal requirements and will custom-make a wedding service to meet your deepest wishes. Your wedding will be composed with all that reflects the persona of you and your partner.

You will need to provide your birth certificate and if you have been previously married, the 'decree absolute' from the divorce, or a 'death certificate' if applicable.

Your wedding can take place on a beach, a mountain top, a park, your home, beside the lake, the vineyards, a specialty venue, or any place that is special to you. Whatever location you choose, together we will make your wedding an absolute joy.

Well presented and dignified; not too heavy and not too light; you are sure to live 'happily ever after' (that part is up to you).

Edward Taylor

Authorised Celebrant

Also religious marriage celebrant